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Yate, Sodbury & District Community Transport is changing its name and image!!

As an organisation committed to providing Community Transport to those unable to use public transport, we are always aware of the financial restraints to our operation, when funding becomes limited and restrictive.

We continually look for alternative and additional funding through sponsorship, grants and donations, but in many cases the fact that our current name is specific to only a part of the area we cover, this prevents or discourages additional financial support.

It has therefore been decided to rebrand with a more suitable group name which we hope will appeal to the wider area, and increase the interest in the group with additional funding so necessary for the success of Community Transport.

The new group name will be:-

                         Green Community Travel Limited

The livery will be green with white and yellow lettering, and all remaining information the same as before.

These changes will come into effect from 1st April 2012, when we hope to expand our services and attract new customers and supporters in order to assist with current financial conditions.

Consequently, all invoices and cheques should be addressed to Green Community Travel Limited

Please support us in our efforts to provide affordable travel to our customers.