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Charges for the full length of the journey are payable on the day.

All voluntary social car/hospital transport bookings incur a £1.50 administration charge at the time of booking. 

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.

Please note that any failed journeys, such as a passenger cancelling at the door or not informing the office that they no longer require transport will be charged the full amount of their failed journey plus £10 to cover administrative costs.


If using our own GCT vehicles the charges are different as we have to take into account fuel, mileage and wear & tear on the vehicle. 

For these bookings a higher administration fee applies. The admin fee is dependent on how many miles away the destination is:

  • Journeys of 20-30 miles - £6.00
  • Journeys of 30-40 miles - £8.00
  • Journeys of over 40 miles - £10.00

Millage is then charged at the standard rate of 45p per mile.


Please contact us for a full list of charges.