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Terms & Conditions of use of vehicles

  1. Vehicles shall only be used for the purposes for which they are booked.
  2. All passengers will wear seat belts provided.
  3. Only Green Community Travel (GCT) approved and registered Drivers shall drive the vehicle.
  4. The User Group shall be liable for any charge or claim arising from use caused by negligence, except which can be covered by insurance, or where GCT driver blame can be proven.
  5. The User Group and driver shall abide by the rules laid down in the Highway Code and Minibus Permit Act.
  6. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that the log sheet is completed and returned within 48 hours of hire.
  7. The User Group agrees to payment of invoices from GCT for use of the vehicle within 14 days of receipt of invoice. After 28 days an additional charge of 5% or £5 (whichever is the greater) will be added to the invoice. After 56 days a further charge will be added.
  8. All vehicles shall be returned to GCT (or Owner Group) at the time stated when booking the vehicle.
  9. All vehicles should be returned in a clean and tidy state. Should a vehicle need to be cleaned by GCT or the Owner Group then a charge of £20 will be invoiced.
  10. The Drivers decision is final.
  11. It is the responsibility of the User Group to pay substance (food and refreshment) after four hours. Alternately we can invoice you for our driver's expenses.
  12. Not all GCT drivers are police cleared.
  13. GCT will do its best to provide the service required but cannot guarantee the minibus or volunteer driver.
  14. GCT must be informed in advance of any special requirements. ie; Wheelchair clamps or special seat belts.
  15. GCT will be informed of addresses of passengers to be collected at least the day before journey.
  16. Each User Group will provide adequate escorts.
  17. A cancellation charge of £25 will be incurred if bookings are cancelled within 24 hours notice.