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COVID-19/Coronavirus Notice


The Coronavirus (COVID-19):

A message for our passengers and service users


In the wake of this unprecedented situation Green Community Travel ltd has been taking steps to safeguard our passengers & staff.


The team has been working tirelessly to implement the latest government advice and establish the best way of providing essential support for out passengers.  We are constantly monitoring the situation and in close contact with the local authority so all stakeholders have access to the best advice.


This is a very fluid and fast moving situation so for the very latest information on our services please see our Facebook page. We will be continuing to make regular updates, passing on important advice, collated information & useful announcements:


* WE ARE OPEN. Community Transport is considered an essential service.  We do not count as public transport so if people need travel essentially (especially if you fall into a vulnerable group) please do consider us. 01454228706 *




November 2020:


Dear Passengers,


I’m sure we have all heard the news by now, but we will be entering lockdown again on Thurs the 5th of November.

Therefore we will revert to only providing transport for essential journeys.

Essential journeys are:

  • Medical Appointments (GP, Dentist, Optician, Hospital, Physio etc.)

  • Shopping (Essential items, Groceries, Prescriptions etc.)

GCT reserve the right to cancel any journey that does not conform to government guidelines.


We will still be adhering to 2m social distancing on the vehicles and asking all passengers to wear face coverings. (If you have an exemption please let us know before travelling if possible.)


We will also be cancelling all Day Trips for November.  We will review Day Trips for December nearer the time when we know what the Gov Guidelines might be.

We are also able to help with other things, if you are struggling with anything please do always ask us for a hand. If it is something we cannot help with we will find someone that can!

This could be a difficult time for many people so please don’t feel as though you are alone, we are on the end of the phone and we’re all in this together.


With our very best wishes and kindest regards,


The GCT Team



July 2020:

* Ring & Ride is now fully available again for all passengers on a socially distanced basis. visit family/friends in your bubble, get some exercise, carry-out shopping, hairdressing, pharmacy & doctor visits? Please don't hesitate to call the team & talk about your needs.

* Socially distanced trips/outings are tentatively scheduled to return from August, keep checking our Facebook for all the latest.

*  Our staff are slowly retuning to work & our office is now open 3+ days a week, explicitly by appointment only!

* We are asking passengers to please think of their own safety & the safety of our drivers by wearing face masks & gloves when traveling on our busses.

* Passenger procedures: Click Here


May 2020:

 *We are collecting prescriptions for people and are also working with Morrisons in Yate to get people's shopping. Call us on a Monday and Tuesday (by 12noon) and we will take your requests. We will then deliver the shopping on a Thursday. Payment will be taken for the shopping over the phone along with a small delivery fee. Call 0845 2410985 to get added to the list. Once on our list, Lauren will call you each Monday (if we haven’t heard from you) to take your wish list!*


March 2020:

  • our office staff are now working from home & our office is closed to visitors.  Phone lines have been diverted to our mobiles so please bear with us as lines may be busier than normal.
  • We have our Ring & Ride service running each day for essential travel only.  Essential travel is medical appointments or shopping if you have no one else who can help you.
  • We have increased our cleaning regimen. Buses are being cleaned regularly with antibacterial cleaners. Hand rails & high traffic areas are bing wiped down with antibacterial wipes after each passenger.
  • Mobility equipment (rollators, walking sticks etc) should be cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner ahead of using the service.
  • Passengers are required to use the provided sanitising gel before boarding the bus.
  • Passengers will be seated 2 meters away from the driver & other passengers wherever possible. 
  • Drivers will be wearing latex gloves*
  • Passengers presenting with symptoms will be refused travel. If a passenger develops symptoms in transit they will be taken home immediately.
  • Passengers should wash their hands for 20 seconds before and after they have been on public transport and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues, disposing of the tissue in the onboard bin.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using your standard cleaning products. 
  • Advise passengers they should not travel if they are feeling unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) - a new, continuous cough or a high temperature. This will also help to protect others from infection.
  • Passengers are asked that whenever possible they should wear gloves & face masks while traveling.
  • Transport will be refused to any passenger that fails to comply with the required procedures.


We will continue to update these and other procedures as new advice becomes available.  

Please keep a close eye on our Facebook page.


We know this is going to be a strange time for all of us, but if you are worried,  if you want a chat then please call.

We can't wait to see you all again, please remember we are still here for you. Stay Safe, Stay Inside & WASH HANDS!


If you suffer from any form of latex allergy please contact us.